How to Get Retweets

How to Get RetweetsWhen it comes to measuring their success on Twitter, some people use number of followers, other use amount of content. While both of those are important (as long as the focus is on quality over quantity) I believe the part of twitter that can add most value to you or your brand is the retweet.

The explanation is really quite simple. You are on Twitter to get noticed: whether you want your company seen, your website visited, or your blogs read. Twitter is a device that gets you in front of people. Then, when you send out your information you hope followers take action.

Let’s say for example you have 1500 followers. You tweet out an interesting blog. Right away it has the chance to be seen by up to 1500 people. (Of course we know they probably won’t all see it, but that’s the maximum amount it gets to with no retweets.) Now let’s say a colleague of yours with 2000 followers finds the blog interesting and decides to share it. Your possible audience has just risen from 1500 to 3500, and your chance for more retweets has increased as well! It makes a big difference. Here’s how to get retweets:

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Social Media Doesn’t Have to Be as Time Consuming as You Think

man sitting at the table with laptopBy now most business and organizations should be on social media. There’s really no excuse not to be—it’s pretty much all upside. But I still run into several business people who are hesitant to take the plunge. When I ask them why, the answer is usually the same: “I don’t have time for it.”

Not true. That’s either an excuse or a misconception. You can always find time for something that adds value to you business. And social media adds value in many ways.

This whole discussion reminds me of going to the gym. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. I grew up in a family of athletes and gym rats. My mother and brother continue to go to the gym twice a day. I went through a phase where I decided to give it a try. I went for a few months and then stopped. Why? I didn’t have the time. At least that’s what I told myself. When I gave my brother—a lawyer who works 70 hour weeks—the reasoning he told me that there’s always time for something you’re passionate about. He gets up at 5 a.m. to make it to the gym before work. I didn’t have that dedication, that passion, about working out.

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Getting Traffic via Keyword Research.

SEO PicI had a skype conference call with the team awhile back. People who know me know I prefer to not talk or talk as little as possible. Usually keeping my answers to “Yes”, “No”, and “I’ll Check”. But this conference call I was talking to a client explaining some of the SEO stuff I do and after I was done the client said, “Yeah, I got it. About as clear as mud.”

And he’s right. Do you understand SEO? Of course not. It’s kind of like what a Studies the UniverseCosmology is the study of the origins and eventual fate of the universe. cosmologist does, trying to understand something bigger than yourself without having any way to understand it except by running experiments based on theories. We only know what to do because someone else tried it and it worked… Of course the universe at least plays by the same rules every year (I hope?). Meanwhile google changes the rules constantly. A successful experiment this month might be a complete failure next month. On top of that there are so many people out there spreading nonsense or outdated information it’s quite honestly a real hassle to find useful, actionable information in the SEO world.

So what do we do? First: Forget SEO was ever created. At this point it is so tainted, misused, and over used. Instead lets concentrate on this: Communicating Effectively with your Audience via the Internet. If we want we can replace SEO with CEAI but I’d prefer not to as there are too many acronyms in the world as is (they are breeding like rabbits!).

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Make Following Back on Twitter Part of Your Online Marketing Plans

online marketing plansIn order to be effective on Twitter you have to communicate with others. This should absolutely be part of your online marketing plans. You can’t just create a profile and sit back and hope people notice you. It won’t work. You have to be proactive, which means sending out loads of content, writing personal tweets to others, and—perhaps most importantly—following back the people who follow you. This will help you build your brand and get noticed.

Not only is following back a common courtesy (your followers are helping to add to your credibility and follower count, so why not return the favor?), but it’s also necessary for you to maintain a positive reputation for your online marketing plans. If you have 2,500 followers and you only follow 300 back it makes you seem lazy and a bit pretentious (unless you’re a famous person and don’t really have to bother). [Read more...]

Social Media and ROI

Social Media and ROIUnless you’re able to get Oprah to retweet you, social media’s biggest benefit is not return on investment. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who get frustrated or disappointed with their Twitter and Facebook campaigns because they spent a few months building it up, making it look nice, adding followers, and sending messages, but don’t see a correlation between social media and ROI.

This does not mean your social media efforts are failing. On the contrary, you’re probably doing things just fine.

You see, social media isn’t a way to get rich quick. It’s not a way to get every single follower you have to purchase your product or service.  That’s not how these wonderful tools work. [Read more...]

Small Business and Online Marketing – What’s the Process?

small business and online marketingMost artists hate marketing.  They want to build things, innovate, write, speak, or entertain.  But they hate the thought of promoting themselves or selling their products and services.

If this is you, then I have good news.  Marketing is dead.

For small business and online marketing it’s no longer about shouting in a crowded marketplace, it’s about participating in a dialogue.  It’s no longer simply about transactions, it’s about building relationships.  It’s about serving those who share your passion.

Finding and leading a tribe is the new marketing.

The key for artists is finding, engaging with, and leading a group of people that share your passion and interests.  The internet has made it easier than ever to do just that. [Read more...]

Twitter 101: The Basics of Twitter

1267998479yV1Wi0Whether you’ve used other social media sites or not, when you first sign up for Twitter it can be pretty overwhelming. So many different options and instructions. If you’re already a Facebook user things are probably even more confusing, because Twitter is extremely different.

At Radiant Tribes one of the services we provide is social media management and consulting. We’ve worked with Twitter users on all levels: from those who have never even started an account to ones who have a running account but just don’t have the time or knowledge to keep up with it.

This blog is intended more for those who can benefit from the very basics of Twitter for their online marketing plan. That’s not to say, however, that established users can’t gain from this information; there’s always value in remembering the fundamentals. So grab a desk and a notebook, school is in session—welcome to Twitter 101.

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Developing an Online Marketing Plan – 3 Key Ingredients

Online Marketing Plan v2I’m reading Seth Godin’s new book.  If you know me at all, this may not be a surprise.  :)

In the book, he makes a point that applies to any of us building a business and developing an online marketing plan.  He writes, “Scarcity and abundance have been flipped.  High quality work is no longer scarce.  Competence is no longer scarce, either.  We have too many good choices – there’s an abundance of things to buy and people to hire.

What’s scarce is trust, connection, and surprise.  These are three elements in the work of the successful artist.”

He defines an artist as someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to create change.

And as a coach, author, speaker – an artist – isn’t that what you’re looking to do?  To create change.  To help people that are stuck in one place and helping them get somewhere new.  [Read more...]

Marketing Ideas for Small Business – Lead a Tribe

ideas for small business lead a tribeMass marketing is dead.

And that’s great news.

It used to be that you could take an average idea, spend a bunch on advertising and you could succeed.  You could sell your books, sign new clients, and build a business.  It took a lot of money.  But if you had the cash it was easy.

That meant money could buy influence and power.

Thankfully, because of the digital revolution and the new economy, that’s changing.  Influence and power is being shifted to people that are connectors.  People that:

  • Have a great idea,
  • Create a vision around it,
  • Enlist others, and
  • Connect the people that buy into the story.

It’s about finding and leading a tribe. [Read more...]

Marketers Can No Longer Ignore Pinterest

pinterest-iconI spent this New Year’s Eve relaxing at home with the family. My wife came up with the idea to try out a bunch or different recipes and make it an “appetizer night”. One after another she made these unique, delicious appetizers that sent me into 2013 with a full belly.

As we were enjoying the evening I asked where she found the recipes and found out it was through Pinterest, a fast-growing social media site based mostly off of photos. She told me there are several people on the site who post recipes or photos of food that link to their sites or blogs.

It’s a smart move for anyone promoting restaurants, food blogs, catering services, etc. The recipes we liked will lead us to look more into where they came from and what else those people recommend.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you organize and post some of your favorite things to the web. People use it to showoff their wedding photos, pets, recipes, homes, and more. You can post you own photos as well as surf through the site to look at what others are posting. Good quality photos seem to attract the most attention, and get “pinned” by thousands, allowing more and more people to see what they want shown off.

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