About Ian

Ian Fitzpatrick My name is Ian Fitzpatrick.  I’m the founder of Radiant Tribes.  I’ve built and led sales organizations, raised money for non-profits, and mentored others in business and relationships.  My life experience, and vision for the future, led to the creation of Radiant Tribes.

We live in revolutionary times.  Every industry is on its head.  What used to work – doesn’t.  From chaos comes opportunity and  we need entrepreneurs to seize this opportunity, show the way, and make an impact.

The internet has changed the game by providing us with exciting new tools.  Many of these tools can seem scary, confusing, and/or a waste of time.

Here’s what to remember though – the result of the digital revolution is the realization that these new tools simply allow us to connect easier.  And what will never change is our human desire to connect – with one another, leaders, and communities.

We teach entrepreneurs to use these new tools effectively.  Then we build an infrastructure from which our partners can build an audience, establish genuine connection, and lead.

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My Biography

I’ve been involved with sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship since my college days at Saint Mary’s College of California.  In 1994, I started out as a sales representative for Cutco Cutlery.  I ended up doing well and moved into management quickly.  In between my junior and senior years, I ran a “branch office” over the summer and qualified to become a district manager upon graduation.  After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics in 1997, I moved to Santa Barbara, CA and opened a year round office.  Each office operates almost like a franchise so I was responsible for creating my own success.

My first full year resulted in my organization being named as the “Rookie of the Year.”  In the spring of 2000 I was asked to move operations to Honolulu.  Eventually I oversaw all sales and recruiting for the state of Hawaii and Guam.  My efforts resulted in well over $9 million in sales.  I was fortunate to work with and develop some of the most prolific sales reps and managers in the 60 year history of the company.

In 2005, I decided to give corporate America a whirl and took a sales position with a Fortune 300 company, Automatic Data Processing, in Portland, OR.   A company car, fancy stock options, and all the other perks of a corporate gig were lost on me quickly.  Although I was successful I quickly decided to move on realizing that being an employee was not in the cards for me.

My wife, Erin, and I decided to move back to our hometown of Willits, CA in 2006.  I raised money for a new hospital in the community and was able to create a wonderful network.

A few years later, I founded Radiant Tribes.  It’s a lot of fun.

Erin, and I make our home in Willits which is in the heart of Mendocino County – 2 ½ hours north of San Francisco. I take my chocolate lab, Abby, on two walks a day. My daughter Ella is a force to be reckoned with.

You can drop me an email or even better follow me on Twitter.