Our network of professionals provide business development services to entrepreneurial consultants, coaches, and guides.  We are committed to simplifying lives, connecting people to each other and resources while making life more enjoyable for all.

The name, Radiant Tribes, is inspired by the book, Tribes by Seth Godin. In it he defines a tribe as any group of people who are connected to one another, a leader, and/or an idea. What we do is provide business development tools and resources to grow your tribe and make it, well, Radiant.

The future is for entrepreneurs that can provide innovative goods and services that allow us to live with less stress, more joy, and in balance with the limited resources of the planet. The results are simpler, more efficient, and fulfilling lives.

Ian Fitzpatrick is the founder and connector-in-chief of Radiant Tribes. His 20-plus years as an entrepreneur has provided him with unique experiences that have shaped his progressive view of the New Economy. His role is to maintain the vision of the organization and to guide the transformation process of our clients. Plus his cardigan game is strong.



Claudia Wenning, ND is a highly skilled naturopath, author, consultant, and guide. She understands the power that entrepreneurs have with their unique opportunity to express their authentic selves through their business. She brings clarity and alignment to our clients.



Philippa Gamse is a 20-year internet veteran, author, and business school professor of digital marketing and social media. Her deep expertise in data and analytics helps her identify and evaluate the key metrics for our clients.




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