Our network of professionals provide business development services to organizations that are committed to simplifying lives, connecting people to each other and resources while making life more enjoyable for us all.

The name Radiant Tribes was inspired by the book, Tribes by Seth Godin. In it he defines a tribe as any group of people who are connected to one another, a leader, and/or an idea. What we do is provide business development tools and resources to grow your tribe and make it, well, Radiant.

The future is for organizations that can provide innovative goods and services that allow us to live with less stress, more joy, and in balance with the limited resources of the planet. The results are simpler, more efficient, and fulfilling lives.

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IanBioIan Fitzpatrick is the founder and Connector in Chief. His 20 plus of years of experience in sales, marketing, and leadership provide the backbone for the organization’s vision. In addition to shaping the culture of the team he connects all the pieces to ensure client success.
277344_10150954000208463_1130605725_o (1)Josh Bowers is information architect. He primarily handles market research and search engine optimization. He helps our clients identify, find, and then get in front of their audience.
Dayne HeadDayne Davis is an entrepreneur and engineer. His companies have worked work on major construction projects around the globe. He provides project management and business strategy consulting for our clients.
Eshe HeadEshe Glover is the principal strategist for BluePepper Public Relations. A graduate of Northwestern University, she assists clients with their communications, public and media relations, and social media.
Brandon HeadBrandon Kight runs Brandon Kight Visual Creations. He’s our award winning graphic designer. He handles design work from websites to billboards to infographics and more.
Nicole HeadNicole Henderson is the founder of Selsi Enterprises which provides content and branding strategy. She she has found her marketing consulting niche in providing big business marketing and content strategy techniques to small business and non-profits.
Drew HeadDrew Bird is the Founder of ClearPoint EQ. He works closely with organizations who are keen to solve issues related to the identification, development, engagement, and alignment of leaders. He provides consulting in leadership development, leadership continuity planning, and performance management.
ZDCA LogoZack Darling Creative Associates Zack Darling Creative Associates is a web and design agency that works to evolve the creative edge of web development, social marketing, multimedia and visionary graphics while supporting a culture of social and environmental sustainability. We partner with ZDCA on larger, more complex projects.
Kirk HeadKirk Fuller is the Creative Director of Fuller Digital Media and he oversees multi-media for Radiant Tribes. He has more than 25 years of experience in producing innovative media projects.
Butler HeadBrandon Butler owns the web development firm, Professional Pixels. He began developing websites in 2006 and is versed in both affiliate marketing and SEO. He has worked closely with Brandon Kight since 2011.