Developing an Online Marketing Plan – 3 Key Ingredients

Online Marketing Plan v2I’m reading Seth Godin’s new book.  If you know me at all, this may not be a surprise.  🙂

In the book, he makes a point that applies to any of us building a business and developing an online marketing plan.  He writes, “Scarcity and abundance have been flipped.  High quality work is no longer scarce.  Competence is no longer scarce, either.  We have too many good choices – there’s an abundance of things to buy and people to hire.

What’s scarce is trust, connection, and surprise.  These are three elements in the work of the successful artist.”

He defines an artist as someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to create change.

And as a coach, author, speaker – an artist – isn’t that what you’re looking to do?  To create change.  To help people that are stuck in one place and helping them get somewhere new.  [Read more…]

Marketing Ideas for Small Business – Lead a Tribe

ideas for small business lead a tribeMass marketing is dead.

And that’s great news.

It used to be that you could take an average idea, spend a bunch on advertising and you could succeed.  You could sell your books, sign new clients, and build a business.  It took a lot of money.  But if you had the cash it was easy.

That meant money could buy influence and power.

Thankfully, because of the digital revolution and the new economy, that’s changing.  Influence and power is being shifted to people that are connectors.  People that:

  • Have a great idea,
  • Create a vision around it,
  • Enlist others, and
  • Connect the people that buy into the story.

It’s about finding and leading a tribe. [Read more…]

Creating An Online Marketing System – The Proper Role for Social Media

Internet marketing and social media can change the world.  No more powerful tools have existed to connect, organize, and inspire.  Just use it right when developing your own online marketing system.  Be authentic and be smart.

Maybe you’re using the various social networks as your primary method of building an audience for your product or service.  The issue is that a decision made by them, one that you have no control over, can knee cap your business overnight.

If you are building your business completely dependent on another company you are setting yourself up for failure.

Just ask those that have been hit by the Penguin updates or become a sacrificial lamb in Facebook’s attempt to maximize shareholder value. [Read more…]

Creating An Online Marketing Plan – 8 Critical Components

Our partners are creative people, artists really.  In fact they’re brilliant.  Each has a clear area of focus with a high level of expertise.  However, the challenge is creating an effective online marketing plan.  They want to create their art – not sell it.

That’s where we come in.

The internet has leveled the playing field.  The phrase “starving artist” need not apply anymore.  We teach how to use the tools of the internet to identify and build an audience.  That’s the simple part.

The hard part, and where our guidance is even more valuable, is helping develop an overarching marketing message.  We help answer the question:  “How can I take my expertise and not only present it in a way that’s attractive but will spread my influence AND make a few bucks along the way?”

For most of my career my livelihood has been based strictly on a percentage of sales.  During that time I’ve learned a few things.  In addition I pay attention to top internet marketers like Brendon Burchard.  He’s created a process for developing an online marketing plan with 8 critical pieces. [Read more…]

How Social Media Helps Business – Just Do It Right

How Social Media Helps BusinessSocial media really isn’t media.  It’s a conversation between two or more people.  It’s an action.  It’s the ability to have an online dialogue with your customers and clients.  And it has power because it establishes and maintains genuine conversation.

The creative people we work with are busy – they don’t want extra work.  In many cases they reach out because that they want someone to “manage” their social media accounts.  They want to hand it off to someone else.  I get it.  But the moment you hand off your social media to a marketer, assistant, or consultant is the moment you sever authentic connection with your audience.  

What we do is help our partners see the value of their personal involvement.  They see social media not as extra work – but rather an integral part of their business.  It’s an opportunity to speak directly with customers, potential customers, and others they influence.  Why on earth would you want to pass that responsibility onto somebody else?  [Read more…]