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How Social Media Helps BusinessSocial media really isn’t media.  It’s a conversation between two or more people.  It’s an action.  It’s the ability to have an online dialogue with your customers and clients.  And it has power because it establishes and maintains genuine conversation.

The creative people we work with are busy – they don’t want extra work.  In many cases they reach out because that they want someone to “manage” their social media accounts.  They want to hand it off to someone else.  I get it.  But the moment you hand off your social media to a marketer, assistant, or consultant is the moment you sever authentic connection with your audience.  

What we do is help our partners see the value of their personal involvement.  They see social media not as extra work – but rather an integral part of their business.  It’s an opportunity to speak directly with customers, potential customers, and others they influence.  Why on earth would you want to pass that responsibility onto somebody else? 

We provide instruction and tools.  We show ways to lead.  Then we get out of the way.  After all  people want a personal connection with the expert, not a marketer.

We resist what we don’t understand

Betty Russell is a relationship coach who is using the internet to build her clientele.  Previously she set up a twitter account but hadn’t done much.  She knew she needed to build a social media presence – but didn’t quite know what that meant or how to do it.  She was smart enough to know what she wasn’t good at and reached out so we could teach her.

We had series of phone calls where I broke down twitter along with a social media management system called hootsuite.  Betty quickly implemented what she learned.  In just a couple of weeks she has built over 400 followers – and is already seeing the benefits of her digital relationships.    Her redesigned website and blog will be launched soon.  Now she’ll have a place to send her new audience  and convert some of that audience into leads and clients.

Although the platforms will change and evolve, what will never change is the human desire to connect.   Especially with experts who have answers to problems.

There are no short-cuts.  You must make time for social media to be effective.  Building relationships can’t be automated or outsourced.  Creating great content and engaging in authentic conversation will always carry the day.  30 minutes a day, consistently, can revolutionize your impact – and your business.

Who are the people of your tribe?

Use the internet to build your business by defining your ideal customer and getting clear on the problems you solve. Speak with this audience.  Solve their problems.  In time you’ll build a loyal tribe that’s excited to hear from you.

It takes time to build an audience.  It takes time to build connection.  It takes time to build trust.

When you invest the time and seek to improve the experiences of those to whom you’re connected – your influence is something that can’t be measured.  You’ll have people clamoring to buy your stuff and happily sharing with others.

That’s the goal, right?

Learn how to build your Social Media Presence.

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