Entrepreneurship at a Tipping Point – David Ament

The open-source culture developing around the globe is driving entrepreneurship to a tipping point. Soon, argues David Ament, entrepreneurs as a collective will have more power than any centralized government on the planet. This is a radical shift. It gives power back to individuals, and communities, looking to reshape the world.

This shift is already evident. Airbnb is the largest hotelier in the world, but they don’t own property. Uber and Lyft don’t own any cars yet they are revolutionizing transportation.

Emerging and existing apps and technology are driving this change. The internet has opened up communication in a mostly free space to just about anyone, anywhere, in the world.

Entrepreneurs are nimble and mobile when it comes to marrying the profit motives of a business with social responsibility. It means we don’t have to be purely one or the other. Entrepreneurs can raise the vibrational level of plant, create revenue, and create time freedom.

David is an international businessman and a global citizen, who made his 1st million dollars at the age of 29. While garnering multiple licenses with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, he’s built an in depth foundation and breadth of knowledge in finance and the markets. Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit to the core, he’s gone on to participate in starting and building the family business, from startup to over $13 million in annual revenue.

Since then, he has started and acquired many companies spread across multiple sectors. As the founder of the International Institute for Peak Performance, David is sought after as a commanding and powerful International Speaker and holds workshops and seminars around the globe.

He is passionate about putting his business acumen, which has been honed over the years, to work for Social Entrepreneurs, some of which are what he calls, “Messengers” (coaches, authors, healers, speakers, consultants, experts, gurus). As a self-proclaimed “Human Enthusiast”, he gets to help these individuals make a huge social impact on Earth!

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Radiant Sessions
Radiant Sessions
Entrepreneurship at a Tipping Point – David Ament


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