A Radiant Session: Music the Healer

“Said all we really need to do is build some new systems,
for the ones we living under now, well that’s not really living.
You overstand we’re singing ‘cause we love this world we live in,
never underestimate the powers of the people in it!”

– Nattali Rize – Rebel Frequency

Nattali and I spoke on what was a rainy winter day for me in Northern California and a summer day for her on the East Coast of Australia. Our conversation was actually scheduled a few days prior, but we had to reschedule. When we finally did talk, we lost our internet connection and the call was dropped about ten minutes in. We quickly rebounded and found a conference call line to record the rest of our conversation – and even then it wasn’t perfect.

We persevered and ended up having an engaging conversation about her, her music, and the impact she’s making in the world.

As I look at it now, the way the call went down is consistent with the over-arching message of our interview:

Hey, we live in bumpy times and it ain’t always pretty, but by persevering with love in our hearts we can accomplish what we set out to do.

And what I set out to do was to interview and highlight this truly radiant soul.

I wanted to learn what she’s learned and to share that with others. This matters to me because what she has to say is completely inline with the Radiant Tribes vision of peace, connection, and prosperity.

In our interview, you’ll hear the story about I first became aware of her music. You’ll learn how I stood in the middle of the Mystic Theater in Petaluma, CA during one of her live shows mesmerized by the power of her presence. And now it’s to a point that I catch my 7-year old daughter singing Nattali’s song One People at the top of her lungs when it comes on YouTube.

You’ll also learn about her vision of the future and the role that music plays as a healer. She and her Australian and Jamaican based band travel the globe sharing a beautiful message of peace, healing, and unity while simultaneously putting forth a call to action. She eloquently describes how she’s using music to help guide and influence a global transformation of consciousness and a re-remembering of our true essence.

Turn up your speakers and enjoy the insights of this powerful visionary.

Radiant Sessions
Radiant Sessions
A Radiant Session: Music the Healer


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Ian Fitzpatrick is the founder of Radiant Tribes and host of the podcast, Radiant Sessions. When not helping organizations create the new economy he enjoys daily walks with his brown dog, Abby.

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