rt_facebookRadiant Tribes is a network of entrepreneurs, marketers, engineers, designers, consultants, publicists, and investors committed to providing business development services to organizations involved in effective technologies for the New Economy – an economy which is based on connection. We support organizations that simplify lives, easily connect people to each other and resources, and make lives more efficient.

Our network was formed out of recognition that we live in a time when humans will act upon the understanding that we are all connected and dependent on each other and nature. This awareness, driven by new technologies, will allow us to reap the benefits of this interconnectedness which includes more time to spend nurturing relationships and pursuing transcendent goals.

Our clients and partners are in industries such as:

  1. Local Economic Development: Companies and organizations committed to building local economies.
  2. Water: Firms working in water management, monitoring, and conservation.
  3. Food: Food producers and support organizations that are interested in building resilient local food systems.
  4. Clean Energy: Innovative organizations committed to producing and distributing clean energy.
  5. Big Data: Specifically environmental data firms that help policymakers and entrepreneurs make better decisions.
  6. People/Relational Technologies: Organizations that teach human skills necessary for a world based on the interconnection of all beings.

Our services include:

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