Creating An Online Marketing Plan – 8 Critical Components

Our partners are creative people, artists really.  In fact they’re brilliant.  Each has a clear area of focus with a high level of expertise.  However, the challenge is creating an effective online marketing plan.  They want to create their art – not sell it.

That’s where we come in.

The internet has leveled the playing field.  The phrase “starving artist” need not apply anymore.  We teach how to use the tools of the internet to identify and build an audience.  That’s the simple part.

The hard part, and where our guidance is even more valuable, is helping develop an overarching marketing message.  We help answer the question:  “How can I take my expertise and not only present it in a way that’s attractive but will spread my influence AND make a few bucks along the way?”

For most of my career my livelihood has been based strictly on a percentage of sales.  During that time I’ve learned a few things.  In addition I pay attention to top internet marketers like Brendon Burchard.  He’s created a process for developing an online marketing plan with 8 critical pieces. [Read more…]