Radiant Session – Self-Empowerment with Claudia Wenning

We live in a time of great acceleration. The confluence of three major forces of technological advancement, climate change, and a new human awareness are changing our world in ways that are faster than we can adapt. Radiant Sessions are conversations with visionaries that recognize the magnitude of these changes and are doing something about it!

In the inaugural Radiant Session, Claudia Wenning, ND of Quantum Level Consulting discusses how these changes are impacting our day-to-day lives. She delves into self-empowerment as being a critical piece of navigating these times successfully. In particular, she addresses how the fast pace of change is robbing many of their power. which is increasing feelings of victimization and overwhelm. In her new program, she teaches how to transform your exhaustion so you can rediscover your joy and power.

Tap the play button below and enjoy the session!