Matching Technology with Human Behavior

It’s accurately argued that content is king. And while that’s true, we live in an era where there’s a lot of quality information available on just about every imaginable subject. The challenge is getting through the noise so that your customers and clients actually connect with you and your material.

As much as great content is critical, we must marry that by matching how we deliver our material with current human behavior. Otherwise the world is too noisy, attention spans are too short, and even the best programs and services won’t be experienced by our audiences.

In this Radiant Session, Isaac Tolpin of ConveYour discusses how entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants with an inner sense of mission to share their expertise with a global audience have an opportunity, now more than ever, to stand out and make a difference. During the discussion, we explore behavioral and technological trends that are important for anyone looking to helping others navigate the fast pace of societal change.

Tap the play button below and enjoy the session!