How Social Media Helps Business – Just Do It Right

How Social Media Helps BusinessSocial media really isn’t media.  It’s a conversation between two or more people.  It’s an action.  It’s the ability to have an online dialogue with your customers and clients.  And it has power because it establishes and maintains genuine conversation.

The creative people we work with are busy – they don’t want extra work.  In many cases they reach out because that they want someone to “manage” their social media accounts.  They want to hand it off to someone else.  I get it.  But the moment you hand off your social media to a marketer, assistant, or consultant is the moment you sever authentic connection with your audience.  

What we do is help our partners see the value of their personal involvement.  They see social media not as extra work – but rather an integral part of their business.  It’s an opportunity to speak directly with customers, potential customers, and others they influence.  Why on earth would you want to pass that responsibility onto somebody else?  [Read more…]