The Times We Live In, Internet Marketing, and Agents of Change

Not many would dispute that our world is in a great transition.  Our economic, social, and political structures are coming apart.  Times are tough for a lot of people and  change isn’t always pretty – but if we hang in and work together – the other side doesn’t look so bad.

What is becoming evident is the only thing we have are our relationships. Relationships with self, each other, nature, and the Divine.  It’s because of these relationships that we’ll get to the other side of this transition – and thrive.

What I also believe is that the internet – if kept free – has the power to be the great facilitator.   To help us get from here to there.  It can be used like no other tool in history to educate, organize, and inspire.

Radiant Tribes was created to teach relationship experts – authors, coaches, educators, entrepreneurs –  how to leverage the internet.  We want them to spread their message, tools, and resources across the world.   These leaders can create their own tribes, build their own businesses, and craft their own movements.

Our partners are already making a difference.  They see problems as they are and offer practical solutions.

  • Dr. LeslieBeth Wish is writing her second book.  She is a columnist for Quality Health and an expert in women’s relationships.  Specifically her new book guides women that have been successful in their work lives – but have not succeeded in love.  We are helping her build a digital presence so that she can build a profitable business and help millions of people.
  • Betty Russell is a Board Certified Coach and Relationship Expert.  She guides her clients through the process of building a relationship and finding love.  She does this by helping develop self and partner awareness through 1-on-1 coaching and via digital products.  We are helping her re-create an online presence so that she can generate more clients and have an impact.
  • Dr. Jed Diamond, is the founder of MenAlive!  He is widely considered a world expert in men’s health – and has written 10 books on the subject.  His latest project is a campaign to Keep A Million Men Alive (KAMMA).  He wants to find ways to extend the lives of men – who on average die sooner and live sicker  than women.   Within his network, and those of his colleagues, Jed knows the people to pull off something like KAMMA.  Using the internet – Radiant Tribes is helping him get his platform organized so he can generate powerful results.

We like these kind of partnerships.  And we want more of ‘em.

Deep down I believe the combined results of these efforts – and those of our future partners – will be profound.

There is a growing recognition that we are all one.  What happens in one corner of the globe matters in other corners.  We are presented with an opportunity to create a culture based around connection.  One that places people over profits – and one that has collaboration, respect, and honor as its core values.   This will only be possible if our relationships are strong.

This blog will be based around sharing resources needed to build a digital tribe for these agents of change.  It’s through these tribe that our partners will grow their businesses – and make the world a better place.

Our intent is to build a community around internet marketing, relationships, and leadership – oh and I guess changing the world!  I’ll be asking for guest posts from various experts during this journey.  I encourage you to jump in on the discussion.  Invite others to join and let’s see where this thing takes us!

Interested in joining the Radiant Tribes Tribe?  Start a conversation with us today.

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Ian Fitzpatrick is the founder of Radiant Tribes and host of the podcast, Radiant Sessions. When not helping organizations create the new economy he enjoys daily walks with his brown dog, Abby.

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